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Making the Perfect Aura Cleansing Bath: 5 Techniques That Work Wonders

Many times we feel surrounded by a black cloud; we suffer from excessive tiredness, feelings of sadness and negative thoughts come through us.

The spiritual cleansing baths are used to ward off bad energies or adverse situations.

They deprive people of any adverse effect contrary to the principle of life, neutralizing and eliminating enemies and opening the way to more prosperous and stable situations.

If you are reading this note, it is because you believe that human beings are not only a physical body, but there are other levels, which we will call “energy body.” Many times we lower the vibration, and that is when the energies that we are going to call “dense” enter and manifest as general exhaustion, a sensation of being drained, or curled up in a mind that turns in false on itself.


5 Ways to Make the Perfect Aura Cleansing Bath


1 Purifying Baths

The bathrooms, according to the Alchemist Aleister Crowley, remove all the things that are strange or antagonistic to our idea of ​​purity. He says that the purification should be short, but not rushed, since it is useful to get on an excellent mental level when arriving at home.

  • Salt and vinegar: if you have a tub you can fill it and put a handful of coarse salt and 7 squirts of white alcohol vinegar. If you do not have a tub, you can put it in a jar and when you finish you shower it from the neck down. Salt is a purifying element, used in cleaning baths. Vinegar is an acidic element and as such cleanses and purifies negative energies and for many beliefs is the great liberator of astral larvae.
  • Floral Water:As with salt and vinegar, you will prepare the bathtub with a few drops of Agua Florida. It is prepared with many essences (orange, lemon, neroli, etc.) all with cleansing properties, and its aroma is ideal for relaxing, bringing mental and spiritual tranquility. It is a water that by its components connects us directly with the Divinity. If you do not get the original, you can assemble it at home, and the recipe is accessible to get on the networks.

2 Use of the Pentacle

Another one of the great energetic discharges that we can use, already from the symbolic thing, is the pentacle or star of 5 ends.

We draw it from the lower left tip, then without lifting the pencil we go to the upper top point, from there we go down to the bottom right, going up to the top left, going to the top right and closing the drawing of the star in where we started and from there make a circle.

3 Dowsing

The Radiesthesia is built upon electrical, electromagnetic radiation stimuli received and an emitter body, one of these bodies is the pendulum. If you know how to use it, you can complement everything that we have been mentioning it.

You will take your pendulum and discharge all the dense energy to the earth. The negative energy the pendulum has to turn in the counterclockwise direction, intentionally that everything that does not correspond returns to the source.

4 Cleaning with Crystals

The crystals are great allies of the mineral world, they are millions of years on earth and have all the information necessary to heal our world and all the beings that live in it, it is up to us to see it.

They resonate with our conflicts and transmit their potential; they remind us that the properties they keep are in each one of us. Pay attention, the stones you choose for your life speak of what you need to integrate when that crystal comes to you, it is only activated and remember those qualities, consciously approaching them.

5 Harmonization with Sounds

The sounds heal, clean and release, you can use mantras, instruments like rattles or drums. Our favorite is the shamanic drum, which allows us to heal, balance and purify ourselves. The drum is the vehicle of travel to expanded states of consciousness; in these states, we can contact our teachers to ask for healing. The sounds connect us with wider brain frequencies; there are infinite possibilities for healing.

Last but not least, the Invocations that you can make while playing a mantra or the audio of the drums, some of the best known are those of the Archangels, you can say them in the following way: “I invoke the Archangel Michael with his sword and blue light to cleanse, purify and release my whole field.”

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