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Is Your Relationship Cursed? Your Answers are here

On several occasions or even just once, you thought you had found the rare pearl, but unfortunately, it turned out that this relationship was a failure. Inevitably, when we have many hopes in a heart-story that does not have the desired outcome; the pain that comes with it is much more acute than in a classic breakup.

But why such a sensation and such a failure after each of your relationships? Why are you struggling to recover and overcome this depression? Maybe because you think you are cursed in love.

If this reassures you, know that you are not the only one to think so and to find yourself in this situation. But is it reasonable to pretend that there is a curse about his love destiny?

Why am I cursed in love?

After several failures in love and especially when you thought it was the right one, you tend to tell yourself that you will end all alone because no man will ever behave as you wish and you will be completely fulfilled in your relationship.  I understand that following a disappointment we can ask a lot of existential questions, but after all, millions of women have experienced several ruptures, and some have suffered others have imposed, provided they do not feel cursed in their love life and have not given up on finding great love.

If you consider yourself more than unlucky in love is because you do not fall on good men. You should not feel responsible for a situation you have not created. Indeed, it is not you who push men to make bad decisions that break your heart.  In love, we do not always make the best choices. Blinded by attraction and then by feelings, one comes to lose one’s objectivity. This is not easy, and therefore you sometimes suffer the price. Every decision you make in the future must, therefore, be carefully considered and analysis is required.



Does the curse in love really exist?!

When you think you are cursed in love, there is often the past that plays a role, as if you felt you deserved what is happening to you. You made a mistake before, and karma would catch you by preventing you from being happy in love.
Are you superstitious at this point?

Of course, if you made a mistake with one of your exes and you reproduce it with all your partners, you will relive what you went through on the occasion of your previous breaks but think that there is a curse on you and your Sentimental happiness seems to me very much exaggerated. As I explained to you from the beginning of this article, there are more obvious reasons for this accumulation of love failures, and your behavior must evolve so that things change as you go along. Whether its self-confidence, how you communicate or how you behave with your other half, you can always make things better, and that’s what you have to do systematically.

To know separations happen to everyone. Unfortunately, we have all experienced heartbreak, we all thought never to find love, some of us have identified many but have recovered, and your state of mind must follow the same logic.

Finally, to say that you are cursed in love is not a way to find an excuse not to act and put in place actions to overcome these trials? Not to regain the upper hand over a particularly difficult situation? Ask yourself and stop making excuses. If you have come to my site, you are looking for answers. Even if it does not please to hear (or rather to read), the important thing is that you can pull yourself together as soon as possible.

Here is How You Can Find Great Love Again

Your goal now is to find the one who will make your heart beat and with whom you will be able to envisage a stable future and to concretize projects or in other words to blossom you.

I am perfectly aware that you dream of finding this man, but you must not rush so much. This is the first advice I must give you. When we think to be cursed in love, as soon as we meet we may tend to want to do too well, to do too fast and especially to hang on in a few days. However, this is precisely what leads to an early break because of the emotional dependence that occurs. Remember what I reminded you a little earlier, you have a share of responsibility in the failures that you encounter, and without real change, you will always remain at the same stage.

To find great love, one must know how to take one’s time. It is not in the space of a few appointments that you will know if this is the man you need. You will learn to know him, to meet him, to share moments with him. But above all do not choose someone by default, so do not end alone because there is nothing worse. Couple life should be filled with joy, love and you should not choose a man to end your celibacy. Immediately this will satisfy you, but in the long run, you risk falling in love.

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