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Can The Stars Influence Your Destiny?

We are all born with a good part of the destination marked or designed in some way. If we are going to find love, fame, health, money … All that, and much more, is written in our natal chart.

Who did not meet, ever, dreaming: “What will destiny have in store for me?” What a magnet he has! Of what energy will this unmanageable force that silently leads us to be made? It seems to have always something prepared, something ready for us, beyond what we thought could happen to us. We must ask ourselves with what signals the destination of their arrival warns us, so that we prepare ourselves to live according to their designs.

Are we all born with a marked destiny?

From the knowledge of astrology, it is. We are all born with a good part of our destiny marked or designed in some way, as if it were a journey that is ready to be traveled by each one of us, a path prepared to our measure.

There are two types of destiny: one with a capital letter, Destiny, which inevitably links you with your beloved: just on that day they saw each other, they just talked, they just asked for a Facebook account and so on. And there is another destiny that we will reap thanks to our daily movements and decisions.

Astrologers have the usual look to read where nobody looks, seeking information in the movements of stars and planets. They see in heaven what will happen tomorrow. In that sense, there is a destiny that is perfectly predictable, that is written in the sky of each person and is represented in the natal chart. It’s like DNA, it’s unique. It is revealed to the astrologer that he can anticipate in each case when certain key events will occur in the life of an individual and all the issues that make up his personality.


What does the birth chart show?

The natal chart shows everything. It is formed by the cardinal points, the sun, the moon, the planets, the signs and some important points of space, such as the nodes. It gets up with the data of the place and time of the birth of a person.

This information is represented in a mandala: a circle that contains all these elements distributed in twelve sections or houses, which provide information on different areas of life. This allows an astrologer to read data about a person: their way of being, their profession, their health, how their home, how is the relationship with their mother, if they are going to get married, if that marriage will last if they are going to have children, etc. All areas, even the most intimate, are reflected there.

In the natal chart, the main issues of destiny are written in great detail. Therefore, it is usual that look of surprise in the eyes of those who consult the astrologers. “How do you know those things that nobody knows about my life?” What if! The astrologer knows these things, but not because he is a fortune-teller, but because he knows the language written in heaven by the architect or the scriptwriter, as that Universal Intelligence present in each created particle is often called. And astrologers are simple translators of this language written in heaven.

Astrology is as old as civilization and gives us information about the main issues of each one’s destiny. Using the celestial mechanics of the zodiac, the sun, the moon and the planets, applied to the time and place of birth of people. If we are going to find love, fame, health, money ?. Everything is written on that map of heaven on earth that is the natal chart. We find all the answers, even how we are going to feel with that love and with that fame.

The question they always ask astrologers is whether two people who were born the same year, the same day, at the same time and in the same place have the same natal chart. The answer is yes, but they do not have the same parenting environment and, probably in that “small” difference, there is the variable. Although, inevitably, the pace of their lives and their preferences will be very, very similar.

Astrology is also a valuable tool at the time of self-knowledge, comparable to a guide of oneself. It shows us all the possibilities of action that we brought at birth, the difficulties and with what tools we have to overcome them, our gifts and what areas of our life are blessed. It helps us to better understand the internal processes and, also, the dynamics of relationships with others. Therefore, it is also the oldest system of psychoanalysis on the planet. And, for now, it’s the only way to look out: what does destiny have?

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