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Best Ways to Deal with a Heartbreak and Feel Great Again

Everyone has had to heal a broken heart at some point in their lives, but just like broken bones heal, we must heal ourselves in the best way.

People describe the broken heart as feelings of sadness, bitterness, disappointment, emptiness, pain.

However curious we may be, some people assume that wound for a long time. They make it theirs silently. Some people say “no” to falling in love again because behind that lost love there is no sense in a new relationship. This and other types of behaviors indicate, without a doubt, that we do not want (or do not know) to heal a broken heart.

Thus, and no matter how much you go through these bad experiences, you can always start from scratch. However, we must be willing to do it well and take the necessary measures. If we lock ourselves in a band and make sadness our best friend, life lowers its curtains, and everything loses momentum, color, hope.

You have to work those dull and sick emotions, and you have to change the focus, correct thoughts, improve self-esteem to heal a broken heart. It is a delicate task, but it always brings good results.


How to Heal a Broken Heart in 7 Easy Steps


The emotional pain generated by a broken heart is unbearable. We remain as immobilized, blocked and unable to think of anything other than the beloved. However, curious as we are the science makes it clear: to face a break what you have to do is stop listening to the mind.

Lucy Brown, a neuroscientist at Einstein Medical University, New York, explains in several of her studies and papers that when we face a rupture, loss or rejection, the brain works with other more primitive neural systems. They are very similar to those that make us hungry or thirsty.

Now, we can all mitigate that pain; suffering that the brain interprets as real and equates it to a burn. These tips help to heal a broken heart.



  1. Heal the self-concept

We know that love favors our growth, expands and enriches us. Therefore, a rupture supposes above all a direct blow to our self-concept. We can make the mistake of blaming ourselves, of projecting disappointment on ourselves or of seeing ourselves as empty entities without that person next to us.

The emotional consequences left by these realities are undoubtedly immense. As explained in a study by Professor David A. Sbarra, from the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona, it is common for our self-esteem to diminished and for weeks and months to drag emotions like sadness and rage.

We must, therefore, heal our identity and our self-concept. We must reconstruct our being and focus all our efforts on ourselves.


  1. Zero contact

It is vital to decide to leave behind memories to heal a broken heart. For this, it is necessary that we establish zero contact. Do not look at your photos, or leave objects that remind you of the person in sight, or contact them in any way, or by internet, SMS, phone, etc.

The phrase “with your hands full you will not receive anything new” is true. If you keep in touch with the person you like, you will not be able to have eyes for anyone else.  That is why he decides to “close the door” and make way for the new thing that is to come.

To heal a broken heart, it is essential not to maintain contact with the other person.


  1. Keep Busy

There is no better medicine than keeping your mind busy, especially if you are doing things that you like. You are forbidden to stay without doing anything because inactivity brings frustration.  Therefore, even if you do not have things to do, go out to play sports, take your time pointing to a course, activity, exit, etc


  1. Meet New People

Social relationships bring many rewards. If you know new people and you meet the right people with whom you have a feeling, and there is a connection, you will realize that in life you can always start from scratch and the best way is by starting with your social relationships.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is a vital part of healing a heart while recovering from emotional pain. When the heart suffers, there is more stress in the account, so we must take care of ourselves more than ever, adopting a healthy life in which there is a balanced diet, proper rest with stable hours and regular exercise.


  1. Patience and Acceptance

Everything in this life is temporary, and the emotional pain was not going to be less. Go on your way even if you have broken your heart, carrying the pain but without stopping walking, with patience, knowing that it is something temporary that will heal with the passing of days, and acceptance, knowing that life is like that, Sometimes it’s wonderful, but sometimes it’s time to go through the pain.

The art of patience is one of the keys to healing a broken heart together with acceptance. Letting time pass while we manage everything that happened will help us overcome it.


Finally, The smartest way to heal a broken heart is to face emotional pain.

It is more courageous who decides to face the lack of love without hurt, than who resorts to an unhealthy life to mask the pain.

Besides, who manages to heal a broken heart in a resilient manner and accepting that negative situation, will have acquired tools and learning, which will contribute to their personal development and emotional reinforcement.

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